What real members and parents have to say about EMA, why they chose Excel Martial Arts, and what their experience has been like as a part of the Excel family.


Lisa Richter - Mission

My daughter and son joined in 2014 and we discovered they had an after school program. We thought it was a great idea to have active childcare. Brent Janzen and all of the instructors were so great at Excel Martial Arts Mission.

4 years later and my kids are brown and brown/red stripe and are heading for their black belts . After a couple years of bugging me to come train with them, I joined Excel in 2016 and gained a community of fun fitness and friendship that is so much more than I was expecting. The sense of community is far greater than anything you find in a 'regular' gym and the family activities outside of the gym just further strengthen the bond

 I love that Excel caters to every age and fitness level, adjusting exercises and coaching to make sure you get the best out of yourself and feeling like you can do more than you think you can. It gave me empowerment and the confidence to try things that I didn't know I could accomplish. Everyone is so supportive and they truly bring out the best in every student.

My kids have learned leadership, discipline and skills that will help them find success in their futures. I am in awe watching my kids perform their weapons and forms and hope someday to be as good as they are. Even through injury and surgery, the instructors have guided me through recovery and encourage me to keep going even when I think I can't continue, showing me the will to overcome.


James Renaud - Chilliwack

My two sons started training at the Chilliwack Excel in 2011, and and I joined about a year after they did. We all have achieved our black belts (one son is a 1 st degree, the other 2nd degree, and I recently received my 3 rd degree Black Belt) with the help of our head instructors: Mr Adam Gibson and Mr Sean Bergen (Sean recently started his own Training Center in Abbotsford).

How Excel hash helped my kids:

Excel has been the best thing I have ever done for my kids and I. My 2 sons have learnt valuable lesson at EMA that help them succeed in so many things.

Before Excel, my one son tried soccer, trumpet, and swimming and ended up quitting them all. Now he is the captain of his lax team in only his second year ever playing.

My other son didn’t really want to try anything before. Now his hand to eye coordination is hugely improved. He learnt the piano in 3 yrs and his ability to listen and learn at school is off the charts. He has even made it into the gifted program at his school.

The biggest thing that I found was that they learned what it takes to reach a goal, how empowering that feels, which in turn builds confidence in what they have done, and how to achieve the next goal.

How Excel has helped me:

At Excel, the Physical combined with the Mental training is like the building blocks for so many other sports or mental challenges. It has helped my with my work to get things done more efficiently and feeling confident to plan new challenges. Being physical stronger is nice too ;) 

I honestly feel more confident and I have even joined the instructor training program, which I would have never have done before. It really is the blueprint for a happy life, I wish I had done this when I was younger, and I would recommend this for anyone.