for every age group.

Little Heroes (ages 4-6)

If you are looking for an amazing experience for your child, this program can’t be beat! Our professional instructors teach children the important skills which they will carry with them through the rest of their lives. From manner and respect, to coordination and body awareness, Little Heroes learn so much more than just self-defense. Watch their self -confidence (and their manners too!) grow as well. Our Little Heroes program uses games and activities that are unique to this age group.

Your child will leave feeling great after every class!


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Children's Classes (ages 6-12)

What does every parent want for their child? Success of course! At EMA. our mission is to help each student physically perform beyond their wildest expectations. By combining physical training with mental and emotional teaching, your child will truly begin to look and feel their best. Excel leaders focus on developing amazing kids who understand goal setting, attitude and the importance of having a strong life ethic.


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Teen and Adult Classes (ages 13+)

This high energy class has it all! EMA training incorporates purpose driven exercises designed by Kinesiologists and Health Care Professionals specifically designed for athletes and martial artists who want to take their training and life to the next level. Our training combines this knowledge with professional hand and foot techniques, throws and take downs, ground grappling and practical self defense for the real world. This class can be physically intense but it also has an atmosphere that is fun and welcoming.


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EMA Kids - before and after school program

EMA Kids.jpg

All EMA schools offer either before or after school programs or a combination of both. 
Busy family? Need somewhere amazing to drop off or pick up your child? Why not combine the convenience of child care with an awesome workout and incredible variety? Excel Martial Arts will pick up and drop off children at local schools, do the hard work, and ensure your child has an amazing day! You can even combine EMA Kids with their regular training and get two benefits in one!
Parents appreciate the structure, the positive and fun environment, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child is having a great time in a safe and productive environment.
All of our facilities follow government regulations and our staff is fully certified. 


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black belt class

Black belt Class is the most desirable level of training in the entire Excel System. Along with our professional instructors from a variety of disciplines, Black Belt Class also features special instruction from authorities from other professional fields such as philosophy and psychology, human kinetics, goal setting and empowerment. It is our goal as an organization to foster an environment that puts value on learning. We want to challenge each member to embrace a deeper understanding of life and a higher level of physical and mental training.

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