Instructor Academy


At EMA we pride ourselves in providing top quality instruction and realize that we are molding the minds of the youth, and impacting the health of adults in positive ways. In order to stay current with health and fitness trends, the science of exercise and martial arts, and the art of teaching, we offer a four phase Instructor Academy (IA). IA was created to prepare our aspiring instructors with the necessary skills to excel in leadership and model the martial arts way with confidence.

In Level 1, we teach the basics of movement, martial art skills, fitness, and how to command attention in class through presence and voice. At EMA we believe in teaching the critical foundations of these skills for practical use and in order to pass those modules and teach those principals to our students and community. In Level 1 IA students are equipped to lead as a skilled Assistant Instructor. They learn to lead small groups and are taught the necessary interpersonal skills for leading students of any age. Trainees are required to learn a basic flow routine and are expected to perform with high proficiency levels in their final exam, which is both written and physical.

The IA Level 2 program is designed for Assistant Instructors who desire to become Head Instructors and beyond. The program takes a deep dive into breaking down movements, class management, leadership skills, working with different personalities and dis/abilities. This course also covers Standard Operating Procedures such as movie nights, birthday parties, ring judging, refereeing, and opening and closing routines. Instructors enrolled in this program may also choose to work towards school ownership. IA2 further challenges trainees to enhance athletic skills learned in Level 1 with more advanced agility drills, animal movements, flow drills, etc. This course also includes an in-depth look on anatomy, physiology, nutrition, meditation, and injury prevention. Students will also learn proper technique for all important biomechanical movements such as squats, lunges, push-ups, planks, hip hinging, and running. Finally students learn a more advanced flow routine, which is performed in IA2 final exam, along with demonstration of ability to teach a class.

Instructor Academy 3 is offered as advanced leadership training for mature individuals with a commitment to self betterment and personal wholeness. IA3 is open to leaders and serious learners who are at least 18 years of age. It is taught by mental wellness professionals and recognized leaders in business and industry. Instructor Academy 3 is designed to teach learners about a variety of leadership and wholeness issues and is structured under three major headings:

1. The Mind Game: An introduction to Personal Wholeness, Psychology, and Personal Philosophy.

2. Foundations of Business.

3. Advanced Leadership Principles and Training.

Instructor Academy Level 4 is currently in development. It will emphasize the business aspect of owning, running and operating a school.

There are no prerequisites except being 18 years of age or older for Levels 3 and 4.